Custom Web Design

Quantum Nova Technologies has a thorough web design process.  We walk our clients through the steps to ensure our clients are happy with the outcome.


We discuss with clients what requirements they need in a site - their goals, audience, features, look and feel of their site.  We discuss the layout of the pages showing the navigation of the site, placement of main elements, videos and images, and placement of key search phrases to attract more visitors. We may make recommondations for future features to expand your company's growth or image.


We can create a site that compliments your existing brand or help establish a new brand.  Whether you need a business site, eCommerce, artistic, beauty and fashion, lifestyle, food and drink, organization or charity site, our designers can guide you in the direction to best meet your needs and choose the style right for you.  Next our designers will help you choose the color palettes, typefaces, images that work with your brand and the style of your site.


During the developing stage of the site, clients will make final approvals on designs, content and formatting.  Once the site has final approval the testing stage begins.  Clients will view their sites, navigating through the site to make sure everything is functional and just the way they want it.


Once the site is tested and approved.  We upload the site to your server and it's live for the world to see.